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This is a story of a minute's happening, from the dream I've just had prior to waking up..
We were walking towards school, and crossing the road. Raku was coming in behind me, after we had rushed to cross the road, while there were no cars on it, but still not across a crosswalk. As we were rushing, it was kinda lacking in graciousness, how we had come to the other side. There were cars parked on the other side of the road, beside the sidewalk. Raku fell, as he was coming in right behind me. He fell in to a gap between the two cars' front and rear sections. He hit one car with his hip, in his hasty movement, and thus lost balance. Shuu shouted from the other side of the road checking if he's ok. I've crouched telling him how it's okay. Onodera came rushing. She was smiling. Raku had just begun to get his grip back, and was about to lift himself up, but Onodera's appearance brought him to a halt. She came, mildly rushing in to that somewhat tight gap between the two cars. Now that there are two people in it, it was less spacious. Raku was down on the floor with his whole body, on his back. He has only managed to slightly raise his upper body above the ground, with his hands behind his back, leaning on to the dirty asphalt ground. Onodera lowered herself. She had crouched as well I, but much more close to Raku. I was crouched on the sidewalk, Onodera was right there between the cars with him.
She asked him with her honest smile: "Are you ok?"
But she was different. She didn't seem embaraced, nor worried at all. And she usually would have been. Both of them were in that somewhat awkward place, between two cars, very close to each other. I was on the outside of the gap, but next to the both of them, looking with interest. Onodera was somehow having a certian aura.. Like, everything is clear to her.. I don't know.. She was not her usual self, the one who is shy and easily scared off from expressing her feelings. I mean, she is still that person, but now..
She was there, so close to Raku, without a hint of hesitation. His presence was, I figured, the sole focus of her being. Somehow, something was set in motion.. Onodera started closing in on Raku.. Me and Shuu observed. Shuu from the other side of the road, I a foot away.
They were.. Really close with their lips by now.. I was.. I was observing, and started cheering "Oh my God! Do it!". I must've looked like an obnoxious idiot, but in the dream, both of them, and Shuu as well knew me, thus they knew my intentions and emotions. But the more important thing is that they've basically not heard me at all. They were having a moment.
I lost the firm grip of reality in that moment as well, and all I could see were the lips of theirs, getting closer. I was shocked, overflown with surprise, as to how Onodera is doing this. Onodera was the one who had initiated it all, as Raku is still on the ground, and Onodera has more freedom to move. She had a smile, but not a flustered one. She had such an amazing smile for that situation, radiating with confidence and belief. She and Raku both had their eyes open, looking towards each other as they were nearing.. Onodera was the one who had closed in on Raku first, but it didn't take long for Raku to understand, as dense as he is.
In a moment, I didn't even notice their eyes.. Nor their faces . Nor the sound of the traffic around us.. The whole world of mine became their lips, now less than a centimeter apart. I was estatic, but frozen on the outside.. Having the feeling that I have buit the tallest tower of cards ever. Or rather, the most significant one to me. Only the cards were actually thin, exactly card-like, pieces of glass, and I had never had controll of the creation to begin with. But I was watching it there, and was so afraid that a gush of wind would appear..
Their lips came less than a centimeter close to each other, but then they put some distance in between. I notice their eyes, and their looks again. They both are looking in to each others' eyes. That look.
No smile. No any kind of facial expressions. Their faces were expressionless, and never before have I seen eyes looking in to another's soul, as entracing as this. The whole world ceased to exist in the moment of their look. My presence, nor the presence of the whole rest of the world did not matter to them. They too were engulfed by the moment's sudden happening.
It's like those really romantic moments.. When the only sound you can hear, is the leaves brimming on the wind.
Their gaze, lasted a few moments, their lips closed in once more, but this time without a halt.
They kissed. They've kissed and I.. I don't know.. In the dream I remember going numb.. I was just looking. I don't even remember much other than their lips together, and Onodera's smile. The whole thing left me in a state of shock..
Shuu's cheering eventually broke through, and reality sat back in.
I was starting to whisper out the words finally, finaly in my mind, and within a moment, I've screamed "Finally you two, finally!!". Onodera and Raku smiled; "Heh..". They've already stood up now, and were walking away. Shuu came close to me, to pick me up, seing that I was kinda imobilized. I remember feeling desperate for some reason, and as the two of them were walking away, tears started making their way to my eyes.. I've quickly stopped what was about to be a cry, because I didn't want to be the bitch who cries seemingly just to get attention. Shuu helped me get back a grip of reality, and started walking with me lightly. He had had that typical of him "Ah don't worry, I've got you covered in your ridiculous situation!" smile on his face.

Here I am, an hour after waking up, and I can't stop thinking about the scene still. This is just the gist of the dream.. There was more.. How happy they've looked, how.. Onodera was shinning with confidence, and how all that has happened, had happened, and they've walked away together. And we had a party, oh and also Raku's grandma blamed him for not taking care of her chickens right.. I don't know what to think of that, but yea..
I love this story, Nisekoi.
There once were, a beautiful girl,
and a pale skinned boy, to follow her.
She was the one to play with fire, it was her might,
he would observe, to his delight.  

Wondrous, swirling, flying sparks,
the fire would always follow her marks.
Her dance with fire, was a play of it's own,
before she had met the boy, she was all alone.
Still her dance, was her solemn play,
but with his eyes on her, her smile would never sway.    

They've played together, days and months,
after a short while, of love there were sprouts.
Gentle kisses she'd give, at the brim of each dusk,
warmeth his cheek they would, and fueled his heart.  

With time he knew, he does not want her to dance alone,
her dances he would accompany, with sorceries of his own.
By an old pilgrim, crystal magic he was taught,
to create beauty with her fire was all he sought.  

Once more, her dance had begun,
unfaltering fire like that of the sun.  
Her fire is strong, much more than he knew,
he never felt her fire and beauty this true.  

Crystal amasses on the top of his palm,
it follows the very fire, that of his sun.
His palm is bathed, by a fire shower,
and out he pulls out, a fiery crystal flower.  

He hands it to her, her fire disperges,
in awe she gazes, and a new firekeeper emerges.  

Their world is a wondrous place, both of them wielding powerful magic,
I'd have never guessed their ends to be as tragic.

Still to this day,
together they are,
even though one lies ever-still,
and the other cries with his soul ill.

iUcU7NG by StipicxFu81IH by Stipic
The fire dancer
This is a story of the couple from the game Dark Souls 3.
The first time I've seen the scene, I froze.
I've just stood still, both in game and real life.
Ever since then, I've stopped many times at the place of that scene, simply observing.
On my fourth play-through of the game this finally came to mind(because the corpse is found having a Pyromancy ring on it).
この 世界 は 悲し です, でも この 世界 は 綺麗 だ。
In the every single moment that passes, something that could be described as great occurs.  Single-handedly, it is dependent on the observer's perspective, whether or not the occurrence is great.
This is one such event, from the human perspective.

*Our Fortia*

From the blackness that was up untill this moment all there was before you, your view raises and now you see the ocean.
In the midst of the moment, the ocean's surface explodes and now there is a huge wave rolling and sliding on it.
It looks beautiful. The colors of the sunset have made it all a surreal sight to behold, especialy since you are watching it from above, as if you were a bird.
The sky and the water are both flushed with pinks, yellows and reds, mixed in with the vague soothing color of the water's blue.
The lights refracting off of the surface of the watter, combined with the speed at which the wave is traversing, add a very mild shimmering effect.  
Your breath is sweeter than ever, as you observe from height.

There is a town on the somewhat distant shore. A town full of life.
There is a house in that town. In it, a couple laying on bed, and looking in to each other's eyes. The lights are subtle, and hint of the romantic atmosphere. They are being playfull with each other, wearing the ever-cliché smiles, enjoying their newfound lives with each other. Perhaps she is even pregnant..

The town also has many streets.
On one of those streets, a boy, ...
It's a man; He has been rejected by the woman for who he feels love for. As he walks back to wherever he is going, he is squandered and torn on the inside because of the feeling of worthlessness imposed on to him.
His sobbing aura is easily noticeable as he walks through the street.

The town, having an abundant amount of streets and roads, has it's public transportation. It is full of people. Everyone has their place to fit. It is such a vast puzzle of which every single person is a piece of. It is a town brimming with life. It might not be extravagant, but for no less that some, it is all that they need. 
Going every day to the store, working until they are exhausted, just to come home and to spend what little free time they have on the things they love spending their time on. It is all that most people need, I'd say. Not many would, but I would call it somewhat of an utopia. As many flaws as one might find, it is still pleasurable to live life in it, and what more do we humans seek, other than to enjoy our lifetimes?
Just living our lives in peace, without calamities to hinder our pace..

There is a playground in that town.
Kids are playing on the playground. The swings sway and the baseball bat is being swung as the children are having fun.

The town, as implied, has schools.
In one class of one elementary school, there are many children sitting quietly and looking at the blackboard. A girl, a small child, stands in front of her whole class. She's been given the task of having to solve a math equation on the blackboard. She has solved it correctly. The teacher commends her.
She lifts her gaze, aiming it at the teacher and the teacher is struck aback by the innocent perfection of her expression in the moment of the feeling of accomplishment that she is having. Her eyes are so very honest and true, and there exists no lie within them. No smile on her lips, no facial expression at all, just an innocent child's stare, or even a gaze.
She is just a single student of the one of the many schools in the town, she is an angel on earth, the sprout whose existence is for some the true purpose of the whole human kind. Just a young human being, still honest, not meddled with by the growing up process of which the result is becoming an adult.  As slim as they might be, this child is still nothing less than yet another possibility of a beautiful human being. Her mind is still pure, and the teacher can see that in her eyes, her beautiful tranquil eyes radiating innocence and possibility.

Your view changegs, 1:11 songtime

You now have the view of the town from a perspective in which you can see the town's landscape. You are on the on the beach, so to say, even though you have no feet, you are nothing more but a mere observer. You can see the town, the home of the loving couple that has just started their new life, the school in which the children are. The playground on which the children are playing, and even the street through which the sad man is walking, with tears in his eyes. It is all so full of life and beautiful, but..
In your view, there is also the upcoming disaster. You've been seeing the town, and through it's buildings the sea. The sea whose surface is coming towards the town. You see the huge wave, the incoming destruction.
As if you are a surfer, but without touching the water, you move at a speed, dashing across the surface of the water, and come to the wave after traversing the whole distance in between it and the town that is brimming with life. You notice the full beauty of the upcoming devastation. The wave is as if your weapon, and the you, now being above it, have the view of the town before you as if you were the scope of a loaded gun. A gun that has already been shot, and you are observing the course of it's projectile.
Don't be mistaken, you are nothing more but a mere observer.

The place that is filled with life is shadowed by that inbound presence, perhaps even an entity.

It happens.
The tidal wave is here. It's eradication has begun.

There is not destruction before you, at least not in the sense that you might first think of. There is no disaster of such kind. You do not see bodies being played with by the force of the water. You do not even see the sadness of the ruined dreams, or is that perhaps exactly what you see..?

As everything turns in to a cold shade of black and white..
What you see is an empty bed in an empty room.
What you see are the streets without the sad man to walk them.  The streets with no life to fill them at all.
What you see are the what were up until a moment ago swaying swings, motionless pieces of metal.
The classroom is empty, no little girl's eyes to fill it. You will never get to see her eyes again, none will, ever.
I am squeezed by a vacum of despair at the thought of it.

You now see before you the tarnished existence of life that was up until a moment ago before you. Before the damned wave had hit.

Every possibility that was, ceased being.
The things you see, they are perhaps best to be described as..
The lack of possibility. A denial of possibility. Ruthlessly quenched possibility. What was up until a moment ago reality, is now nothing more but somewhat of a distant dream. A dream that had slipped right through your palm. That is with the assumption that you are someone who'd have done something to change the outcome if you could have. If you're not, this story is not for you.
The reality of this small place on earth has been charred.

*songtime 2:00*


No, this will not be.
Existance you can go and fuck yourself for throwing such a harsh reality upon us. Is that not what everyone hurt by this event are thinking? Well yes it is..

Time starts regressing, and as you see the destruction and the wave being undone before your eyes, a white sphere also appears above the shore.
With the progress of the regression of time, the white sphere unsheathes a white warrior wielding a katana around his waist.
He does not stand on the surface of the earth. He is meditating, levitating above the sandy shore of the beach. The beach through which the wave had come. 
As his meditation is progressing, so is the undoing of the time. The water is tracing backwards in time, coming together all around him, and behind the destroyed buildings are coming back together.
The warrior has exited his shell and has started performing his dance. He is conjuring the strengths, the strengths which are being given to him. They are the will of the every single human being that wishes for the cursed event to never have happened. It is the strengths of all such human beings, pouring in to that white entity, from all around the world. Wherever there are humans, the possibility of strenght being received exists.

The white entity wielding a katana..
Time is winding backwards, as he dances and prepares the gathered strength.. The wave comes back to the moment before it had struck upon the coastline, and the white warrior unsheathes his blade.

The continuity of time is restored as the moment prior to the wave's collision is reached, and the wave is yet again about to be in it's forward motion. The warrior is ready, and as the wave's continuity is restored, it is about to once more rush the city;

The white figure slashes it's blade upon the wave itself.

The force of the clash is magnificent. Such force, such strenght created by what others feel.. The white entity's eyes tear with all of the tears that were cried out.
The blade is in effect. Representing all of the human desire for the cursed event to never have happened. The wave is not letting the warrior, the entity, move.
He must not give in, for the eyes of the little girl, for the hug of the two lovers, for the sadness of the man, for the every single life that is bearing it's own meaning of equal weight.
As long as the blade does not give in, the wave does not hit for it cannot move. But it cannot move because the blade is not stopping the wave, it is preventing the progress of time. It is preventing the absorption of reality.
The warrior is holding up strong, but to what cause exactly? Negating reality will not change it.
He is holding up strong, but can he endure?
Can what has happened be changed?

His energy is coming from all of the people that want retribution for what they feel has been a great injustice inacted upon the life of that ruined town. He IS that energy itself.
But that energy would not have come to be, without the acursed event taking place to begin with.. This warrior, this white entitiy that does not exist, it is that moment, that time in between of the occurrence and the one observing accepting reality for what it is.

Can reality be meddled with?

Can WE change what has happened?

*Why.. Why would we want to do that to begin with.. Ohh, I see, we feel pain because of how reality is..*

*songtime 3:18*

Everything crumbles.. The dream crumbles..
*The screaming in the song represents facing reality.*

It is all destroyed. It is all lost. It is all gone.
The dream crashes back in to reality. There was never such a possibility.
The white entity has never existed to begin with. He was just a never to be quenched wish of all of those who remorse. A meere illusion, and nothing more.

The little girl is gone, the lovers' nest is empty, the man has died with sadness in his heart, the kids that were playing will never get their dreams crushed by reality..

The scenes of the destruction of the Tsunami are what you see now. Reality sinks in. There never was another possibility. Think of all those sceneries that were all over the news when the catastrophe had occurred. That is what you see. That is all there ever could be since the moment the tsunami had gotten form. It is reality. You cannot change it, you can only grow to accept it, to understand it.

Do not remorse over what happens.
There is life.
There is you.
You exist. You know of the beauty that got to be through that little girl's eyes, and that is all that is neccesary for that beauty to go on, even if not to further evolve, but that is only an if.
You must not hate anything and everything, you can only grow to accept reality.
We wield the mind, the most powerful tool in existence.
Whether you like it or not, reality is, and it does not care about your preference. It will forever keep on loving us, in for us never fully comprehensible ways, be they loved or hated, if hardly ever noticed at all.
You are God. Enact the role.

P.S. I love you.
Our Fortia
A story I envisioned while listening to the song "Our Fortia", by OkameP.
(listen to it whe reading through this, this is all imagined as a PV for the song, a music video, so to say)

Thank you for your creations, OkameP. <3


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My alias is Gandeloft, NOT Stipic.

I disslike having this "Stipic" username/userID/alias here on DeviantArt.
Though, money is required to change one's Alias, and I'm not the one to have from it, so I have to accept it as it is.


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